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What Clients Are Saying.

I would really recommend Britta to professionals wishing to improve self awareness, confidence and
professional performance at all levels. I personally found the insights and exercises very valuable as a mid-level professional with significant project responsibilities. The coaching improved my relationship with my employers and my own ability to manage stress and recognise my strengths and the added value I am personally able to bring to any situation, professional and personal.

Britta is a very open and friendly coach - we developed rapport quickly and I looked forward to each session. She's an attentive listener and gave me the space to explore my thinking and ideas with gentle nudges along the way to make sure I didn't skip over (or avoid!) underlying issues. She doesn't waste time delving for detail, instead uses great questions to help the client explore their own observations and interpretations of given situations. I would highly recommend Britta as an effective coach for professionals seeking to improve their own effectiveness, with the added bonus that she's a lovely warm human being!

Britta is warm, organised, light hearted and a wonderful listener. I highly enjoyed our coaching sessions and appreciate the many insights I gained during our sessions.

Britta is brilliant at helping to synthesise random ideas into a coherent frame and meaningful direction. She inspires action, and results, through her natural curiosity and unwavering optimism. Even though we were communicating from either side of the equator, between the UK and Australia, her energy propelled me to work towards achieving personal and professional goals I had only ever previously imagined.

Britta provided a structure that was thought provoking and left room for creative solutions. Her coaching is very client centred, and delivered with empathy and authenticity. I was able to get clear on ways to move forward that were both priority based, manageable and practical while maintaining an important sense of quality to my goals. Britta is both sensitive and smart, organised and creative, and a talented coach. I highly recommend her, and enjoyed our time coaching very much.

I approached Britta to help me gain some clarity around my personal and professional goals. Britta helped me enforce an awareness of my personal skill set and clarify what was important to the practice but also to my own work-life balance. The sessions were engaging and thought provoking and I always felt that they were tailored to me. Her coaching has helped me cement core values and help me feel more assured in the direction of my career. I could not recommend Britta highly enough, her coaching and feedback has been invaluable and I now feel better equipped to drive the practice and my career forward.

Sometimes you just need to be asked the right questions to see the answers that have always been there in front of you. It looks simple but it isn't, and Britta masters that art to perfection. 

At the time that I approached you I had this dream/ideal of living in Europe (an ideal that I've had for a very long time) but I really could not imagine it becoming a reality. I think you've showed / taught me that I'm 'allowed' (and should) have ideals and then start taking action and working towards them. And now, a few months later, I am actually living and working in Europe! And I feel very lucky, happy and grateful for it.

Britta is a safe pair of hands as a coach: She is very focused and disciplined in her approach and she was a tremendous help in tackling two very important challenges in my life. The way she also pays attention to nonverbal signs and energy shifts and reflects it back is very powerful and helped me be more aware of what was “really” happening for me. I made two very powerful decisions in relation to my current work situation: one in regards to the team context I’m involved with and another one in regards to my well being and work life integration. I strongly recommend Britta as a coach.

I have always been struggling in understanding what my priorities in life and work were and these sessions with Britta helped me identify what is important to me to 'be happy' and therefore, what I should be focusing on and investing my time in; the whole experience was some sort of call for action, actions that I have been postponing for a long time ... things I wish for don't just happen, I do need to proactively make them happen.

... You managed to provide 'focus' & 'regularity' toward my professional endeavours. With your searching questions on my aspirations & realisation of my abilities the culmination of your coaching has brought me to a place of an exciting chapter in my career ... I think the phrase is 'making it happen'. Rather than talk about goals & desires it is important to 'act' upon them. Your coaching has been excellent whereby I feel an 'energy rush' leading up to and at the end of our sessions. You have brought 'clarity' to the possibilities of my professional skills and potential ...

Britta is a gifted, very conscientious and professional coach. She was my inspirational sparring partner for future career development. Her passion, enthusiasm, willingness to listen and sincere desire to understand what drives the personal motivation for professional growth are truly inspiring. Britta ignites new ideas with a fresh attitude and thinks outside the box. I strongly recommend her to everyone seeking new career options and a greater life at work.

Britta, Thank you so much for sharing this additional information. The books are on order! I’m so grateful for our time together, it was an immense help to me in taking the next steps in my position and career.

Britta´s coaching style is gentle and structured which allowed me to feel secure and able to commit to the process. As a result I was able to improve my focus and performance at work whilst refining my mid-term vision.

Britta has a clean, professional coach approach, which maintained great focus and structure for our coaching sessions. Through her coaching, I articulated and recorded strategic priorities, which has been hugely helpful to support decision making and planning. Thank you, Britta.

Britta's coaching style is gentle yet firm and she has exceptional reflective listening skills which made me feel safe and supported at times I simply needed to download to move forward. With Britta's coaching, I made a dramatic shift from the first to last session. I gained a new perspective, boost of confidence, and the energy to pursue one of several possible paths.

Excellent Coach, great style, professional structure, powerful questions, client-centric. I strongly recommend Britta as a coach!

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